I'm Nate.

Im a developer in Forest Grove, Oregon.

Currently I am working towards my Computer Science Degree.

These are the programming languages that I currently know

JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python, C++ and Swift.

Take a look at some of my favorite projects below.

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Verboort Sausage Dinner

Main Page of verboortsausagedinner.com

Summary: The Verboort Sausage Dinner is an annual festival that always takes place on the first Saturday of every November. This festival thrives on in person gatherings, and in 2020 it thrived online. This project was crafted specifically for this festival. Every page was as simple and mobile friendly, ease of use was necessary, and constant and reliable customer service was essential. Every customer was sent a receipt and a qr code immediately after placing their order. Every receipt contained a qr code that all customers were asked to bring on pickup. A React Native app was created for iPhone and Android phones that gave us the capability to scan the qr codes to verify the customers order. After a customer picked up their order it was marked in a database so that their were no repeat pickups.

Technologies Used: React, React Native, Firebase, LiveChat

Local Honey

Main Page of localhoney.com

Summary: Currently Localhoney.com is the main page for Wessels Family Honey. But currently I am creating a market place for bee-keepers throughout the country to sell and ship their products

Technologies Used: React, Firebase, Node.js, Shippo, Stripe

Future Technologies: NextJs